Thursday, October 13, 2005

13 October 05

The 2005 contest results are in! My Snipe got 1st in the DCM category! Link

For those of you waiting patiently for the Stingers, I promise I'm still working on them! I decided to get fancy with them, and have now designed many option parts for the kit. Now you will be able to add a front spoiler and outside mirrors if you like, plus you can build a separate chassis with built-up wheels. And, there will be 3 wheel options: Minilite, Camaro 5-spoke, and blue Yenko steel wheels with Goodyear Speedway Blue Streak tires!

Another project I have been working on for some time is coming along nicely: the Heath-Henderson lightplane engine. Once this is done, then I'll finish the Heath Parasol for it. Initial plan is to design at 1/16 scale. Yes, that's a big scale, but the Parasol is a small plane, so wingspan is around 19 inches. The big scale will allow good engine and interior detail. Here's a preview of the engine:


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